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SHARP treatment encompasses Aahar (Diet and Nutrition) Vihar (lifestyle) Vichar (Stress management and
emotional quotient; Mind strength); Vyayam (optimal exercise); Aaushadhi (Adequate Medication).

The patient is evaluated for cardiac functionality, functional stability and demand, lifestyle parameters and the treatment is chalked out for him/her.

Treatment is OPD based and patient is taught numerous systems of self help that enhance his recovery.

Sanjeevan Kriya; a powerful mind-body system that corrects, balances and strength the Biofield of Energy field of the person. The Human energy field is the Aura within which a person exists and functions. This stimulates better health and immunity.

The Sanjeevan Heart Attack rehabilitation Protocol duration extends from 100 days (3 months) to 6 months. Most of the patients are symptom free and functionally stable in 30 to 45 days. The protocol time duration is worked on the constitution, lifestyle and disease level of the patient.

In very few chronic acute cases we request the patient to undertake medication on a regular pattern every year for 30 to 45 days every year. Most patients when they adopt changes in lifestyle and progress with improved immunity will not need any further treatment.

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