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There is Global need for additional modality for primary & secondary prevention of Myocardial Infarct. SHARP-Ayurvedic Suved-Cow Colostrum offers an affordable, acceptable, accessible and easily available protocol for all patients at various stages of treatment. SHARP-Ayurvedic Suved-Cow Colostrum has been scientifically proved to support and treat primary & secondary treatment needs in CAD / IHD/ Thrombotic stroke / DVT.

SHARP-Ayurvedic Suved-Cow Colostrum is a successful non invasive, Integrative, holistic time and result oriented protocol for primary & secondary Prevention of Myocardial Infract. It is successful in reducing symptoms of CAD/IHD /Vascular blocks and useful in reduction of post incident,
post CABG / Angioplasty / stent; Recurrence of symptoms, achieving functional stability soon.
Sharp-Suved -cow Colostrum offers "Healing the Heart" effectively, leading to Happy fully functional life in a short time period.

SHARP-SUVED has been designed keeping the following issues in mind

* To Protect, maintain and extend functional stability of individual

* Successful therapeutic holistic protocol to combat and overcome diseases due to VASCULAR BLOCKS

* Vascular blocks lead to suppressed, reduced blood flow in any part of the body. This leads to heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis and nutrition insufficiencies in any part of the body.

* SHARP SUVED is a boon to persons looking for treatment other than conventional medicine - invasive treatments; for the aged; for high risk patients to avoid/ safeguard from the first attack and to prevent reoccurrence; for patients who have undergone angio or bypass and the symptoms of heart disease have resurfaced

1. Addition of Cap Suved & Cap of Cow Colostrum in Acute MI, Thrombotic stroke, DVT with modern treatment hastens symptomatic recovery, reduces hospitalization time & mortality, helps dissolve clots, soft thrombus and open up blockages early.

2.. SHARP-Ayurvedic Suved-Cow Colostrum helps to avoid incidences in Post event treatment including MI , Angioplasty/ stent , bypass, recurrence of symptoms & achieves better functional life as early as possible as secondary prevention

3. Primary prevention in high risk groups including Diabetes; Metabolic Syndrome, pre & post menopause women; high stress work load affected persons & aged persons.

4. Symptomatic relief in complicated cases like conventional medicine intolerance, diabetes, hypertension, medical complications when patient is not fit to take modern medical treatment due to any reason.

5. Aged patients. It is recommended that surgical procedures be avoided after 60 yrs

6. Patients who cannot afford or are reluctant for invasive therapy.

7. Deep Vein Thrombosis

8. Thrombotic Cerebro Vascular Accidents (Stroke)

In modern times, the patient is self educated thru the expanse of information available freely on the internet, books and magazines and self help group all over the world. The side effects, cost and post treatment drug dependency has forced the average income person to seek solutions that are more optimally effective for his problem and pocket.

60% or more men and women alike, above the age of 45 will find blockages in coronary arteries and reduced functionality of the heart.

Allopathic modalities of treatment for CAD/IHD have not proved to consistently promise lasting results. Invasive & Non invasive modalities are suggested & need long term medication on basis of patient symptoms and time when treatment is sought for. Side effects, toxicities, intolerance, recurrences are known. All patients who are suggested these conventional treatments cannot afford them.

Conventional medicine entire knowledge is based on studying survivors of MI. All patients do not take REGULAR medications as suggested by the Doctor. It has been seen that inspite of not taking stipulated medication; many patients still are physically functional & live. Death and further sufferings is not a default result.

Patients who undergo invasive treatments and are religiously taking medications on the other hand, still do suffer, have recurrences of symptoms and may not be willing for repeat invasive treatments like angioplasty, bypass or further increase in medication dosages. Under such situations we need additional, effective, economical modality of treatment. There is something MORE Doctors and Therapists need to understand & research, factors that contribute to FAST and lasting recovery of patient.

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