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SHARP-SUVED has been designed keeping the following issues in mind

* To Protect, maintain and extend functional stability of individual

* Successful therapeutic holistic protocol to combat and overcome diseases due to VASCULAR BLOCKS

* Vascular blocks lead to suppressed, reduced blood flow in any part of the body. This leads to heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis and nutrition insufficiencies in any part of the body.

* SHARP SUVED is a boon to persons looking for treatment other than conventional medicine - invasive treatments; for the aged; for high risk patients to avoid/ safeguard from the first attack and to prevent reoccurrence; for patients who have undergone angio or bypass and the symptoms of heart disease have resurfaced

1. Addition of Cap Suved & Cap of Cow Colostrum in Acute MI, Thrombotic stroke, DVT with modern treatment hastens symptomatic recovery, reduces hospitalization time & mortality, helps dissolve clots, soft thrombus and open up blockages early.

2.. SHARP-Ayurvedic Suved-Cow Colostrum helps to avoid incidences in Post event treatment including MI , Angioplasty/ stent , bypass, recurrence of symptoms & achieves better functional life as early as possible as secondary prevention

3. Primary prevention in high risk groups including Diabetes; Metabolic Syndrome, pre & post menopause women; high stress work load affected persons & aged persons.

4. Symptomatic relief in complicated cases like conventional medicine intolerance, diabetes, hypertension, medical complications when patient is not fit to take modern medical treatment due to any reason.

5. Aged patients. It is recommended that surgical procedures be avoided after 60 yrs

6. Patients who cannot afford or are reluctant for invasive therapy.

7. Deep Vein Thrombosis

8. Thrombotic Cerebro Vascular Accidents (Stroke)

The entire information available in the modern medical literature is based on the patients who survived Myocardial Infract, Heart Attack. We do not know confidently why others died in spite of receiving similar treatments. Every few years a new concept / hypothesis towards health and disease of heart is forwarded, studies and discarded for one or another reason.

On the contrary, Ayurvedic concepts have remained the same over generations and proved useful in managing such dreaded disease conditions. However, we cannot forget that conventional allopathy offers best treatments in acute conditions today.

Heart supplies blood to the full body. It is essential that the heart gets proper nutrition to function properly. This nutrient includes energy for the function of the muscles and different parts of the heart. Equally, there should be optimum serum components that will wash out waste from muscle tissue, rebuild vessel, endothelial wall, blood vessel flexibility and continuously monitor collateral circulation.

At the same time, it is of equal importance that the blood that is pumped by the heart is of high quality to nurture the body and bodily functions, including the heart.

So, nurturing good blood supply to the full body has more lasting impact on the health of the individual, His vitality, physical performance and state of well being.

Patients show positive changes in symptomatic improvements & early recovery in acute cases with reduction in mortality & hospital stay.

In Post event management 80 % cases show positive patient functional response and improvements in conventional investigations after 3-4 months recorded as:

1. Improved Ejection fraction.

2. Improved Stroke volume

3. Improved Myocardial perfusion IMAGE of RESULT ....

4. Correction of Diastolic dysfunction IMAGE of RESULT ....

5. Improved endothelial function

6. Soft thrombus / clots dissolved

7. Regeneration of collateral circulation

8. Reduced & balanced levels of oxidants , Free radicals , Lipid profile IMAGE of RESULT ....

9. Arterial compliance improved

10. Symptomatic relief of Chest Pain , Heaviness in chest , Breathlessness

11. Improved Walking stamina , Overall energy , Vigor , vitality, Functional stability

12. Complete restoration of Myocardial Perfusion is noted in few cases on Stress Thallium Scans

13. Positive Changes noted in ECG , Stress test , CT Scan Brain , MRI Brain , Color Doppler

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