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The research we are proud to present is the essence of practical experience, patient results and our constant evolution in patient management. We did not conduct long double blind trials as being practically not possible; but carefully evaluated patient progress on clinical terms with before-after tests wherever possible and follow-up of upto 5 years in as many cases as possible to present a Real Time data.

The results have attracted the attention of panels from 5 World cardiology Congress where the presentations were accepted for presentations and have been sites in 'Circulation' for 4 International conferences.

Technical and Clinical Papers presented on SHARP-SUVED during numerous prestigious Conferences and published in various Journals

Conservative Preventive-Conservative Cardiology SHARP-SUVED

( SHARP-Sanjeevan Heart Attack Rehabilitation Program

SUVED-Ayurvedic Formulation for Ischemic heart disease) Cow Colostrum, natural nutritional Immunomodulator

Date Topic Conference
11-02-2006 “Integrated appraoach to Health & Disease” SHARP – Scientific presentation as invited speaker at SVTEAMS Conference at IIT New Delhi
11-11-2006 “Integrated appraoach to Management of CAD(Heart Attack)” 2nd World Ayurved Conference 2006 Pune
Dec 2006 “SHARP-SUVED Special Meeting discussions with Acharya Vaidyaraj
Balkrishnan , Chief Aide of Swami Ramdeo at Bangkok Thailand
7th June 07 “Integrated Management of 
CAD-IHD Heart attacks…A
Succesful program”
3IM ( International Institute of Integrated Medicine) Pune
Jan 2007 3-D CCG & SHARP Scientific presentation at IRIA National conference Mumbai in
a seminar on “ Myocardial Perfusion”
Dec 2006 Integrated approach to
Management of CAD ( Heart
PAPER Published in Indian journal of social issues ( Ministry of
information & Broad casting, Govt of India
Dec–Jan2007 “ Integrated approach to
Management of CAD ( Heart
PAPER Published in Global Ayurved Journal.
1-06-2007 SHARP-Special interview Article in Sakal-Family Doctor
28-07-2007 SHARP – SUVED A special Talk at Sahakar Sabhagriha Ahmednagar sponsored by ADCC Bank & 
IMA Ahmednagar
01-08-2007 SHARP-SUVED Talk on Akashwani Ahmednagar “Hello Doctor”
12-08-2007 “Advances in understanding
& Management of
Cardiovascular diseases”
Special presentation at CME at RMC- PIMS Loni
integrated approach to
management of CAD. Research
Paper presentation at
International Conference
on "Research Advances
in Traditional Medicine:
Challenges and Opportunities"
Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi & CCRYN (Central Council
of Research in Yoga & Naturopathy) AYUSH Ministry of health
Govt of India, & Medicity (Dr Naresh Trehan).
(sept 07)
see WHD website.
3 yrs
World Heart Federation has
taken cognizance of our
initiative and has included
our Institute as one of 7- lead
centers for India
For Promoting Awareness / education / Primary –Secondary
prevention of Heart Disease thru various activities
2008 SHARP-SUVED- Presentation
Published in AHA journal “Circulation”
participant for Argentina
  Society Virtual conference 09 SHARP-SUVED- Invited speaker for International Conference on
Coronary Artery Disease (ICCAD) Prag Zechoslovakia 09
29 Aug 2010,
SHARP-SUVED-Invited Speaker 9 th International Conference on Evidence based Ayurveda-
RaktaVaha Strotas
June 2010
SHARP-SUVED- Poster Presentation at World Congress of Cardiology Beijing China
June 2010 SHARP-SUVED- Publication –American Heart Association Journal “Circulation”
June 14,2010,10,1161/circulationAHA .110.192774
  SHARP-SUVED “Intergrated
Management of IHD/CAD and
Vascular Blocks , Deep Vein
Publication-DEERGHAYU INTERNATIONAL issue no 103 Vol 26-03
  SHARP-SUVED Publication JOSHO Sept 2010
Nov 2010 National Award i3 : India
Innovation Initiative - i3
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII); Directorate of Science &
Technology and Agilent Technologies.

Training and Continuous Education Programs

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