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By integrating health sciences, using the best or most applicable process with minimal discomfort, drug dependency and apathy most suitable to deal with the aliment.

The human body is designed by nature to overcome disorder, aging, fatigue and disease. Our lifestyle, environment, perceptions, reactions to situations are more responsible for the state of health than mere genetic predisposition and the food we ingest.

Holistic, integrative views we have adopted lay more emphasis in improving the process of digestion and absorption of nutrition to make the body self sufficient in energy metabolism. Our treatments give more weight to inner immunity, nurturing the body back to health than concentrating alone on disease symptom management.

Each pathy has it's possibilities and shortcomings. Finally, nature provides all answers. With due respect to body constitution, social upbringing, habits & lifestyle, capability and the patient's ability to nurture better health, Integrative Medicine or HealthCare utilize the best of every pathy to provide optimum results for the patient, society and science.

There are schools to teach the complexities of diseases and their manifest forms. Very few students and practitioners specialize in "Health" management. Being 'healthy' is a natural gift in nature and when a state of harmony exists, Body-Mind-Spirit, health prevails.

We would like to be the exponents of 'health' and bring in the element of mental peace and even spiritualism into our understandings, practice and philosophies.

It is well accepted that body beautiful and perfect alone is not healthy, nor is success in a business venture likely to bring 'peace' that relates very closely to health. Self respect, a sense of belonging, and a state of satisfaction and 'not-wanting' that are features of spiritualism are encouraged with all our patrons.

According to Wikipedia; Integrative medicine is the combination of the practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional medicine. The term is relatively recent, and is mainly promoted by proponents of alternative therapies in the west. Some universities and hospitals have departments of integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine has arisen out of an historical appreciation of the limitations of the dominant medical paradigm. While pharamceutical and technological approaches to medicine rely on isolated testing scenarios, which often fail to translate successfully to bring about the healing of real people suffering from complex and multi-faceted conditions, integrative medicine pays attention to forms of medicine that have arisen in other cultural contexts, often appealing to the intuitive intelligence of the patient and practitioner, rather than the alleged expertise of a laboratory researcher

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