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Nutrition is supplied to the whole body by the intricate, naturally beautiful network of blood vessels. These blood vessels are subject to a multitude of challenges and the state of our Health and Wellbeing greatly depends on the capability of these fine channels to transport nutrition to
the whole body and subsequently, transport natural metabolic byproducts to other parts of the body.

Every organ plays a vital role in supporting the function of this intricate circulatory system. In turn, the passage of nutrition, and other ingredients is transported by the vessel network.

Vascular system function is hindered when for various reasons the flow of blood is hampered. This in turn affects the functioning of the receiving organ and a vicious cycle spiraling towards various diseases begins.

Our study and practice, experience over the past 20 odd years has amply demonstrated that like every organ, Heart Care is not limited to the muscular organ pumping blood in the body, but it is a philosophy of understanding the implications arising out of relationships, self care, nutrition, inner immunity, supportive environment to combat daily stress that become the root cause of Disease.

The gross form of disease(s) that afflict the person very much depend on the weakest link of personal metabolism, immunity strength and environment within which we live.

Drugs are not the solution; they are necessary as a part of the treatment, healing, balancing process, but only a small part.

 The impact of costs, time, exertion and pain that goes into conventional investigations and treatments created a deep impact on our efforts in creating a system of treatment protocols that addressed the basic issues of Affordability; Acceptability; Availability and execute-ability.

The practical use of our treatment options gained acceptance with leading Medical platforms on the basis of our working philosophy and more important, the results, both on clinical basis, testimonials and timeframe that today remain unchallenged.

A protocol based on an Integrative application; with due understanding of heart function evaluation in conventional terms, and the application of holistic Ayurvedic philosophy in treatment of the root cause of vascular blockages as the primary reason leading to stroke, heart attack, deep vein
thrombosis, and complications created by the same.

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